How to be Productive 

It’s Friday! Whooo hoooo ! It’s the weekend  baby! So what exactly does  that mean to you?   Are you going  bar hoping? Are you going  out to eat with friends? Are you going to the movies?  All are great plans.     Then there is Sunday, which is next to   Monday…that starts  the week off […]

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How to Get Ahead

Hi all, sometimes it’s very difficult  to get ahead when there are so many things going wrong. Big dreams sometimes require a big budget…and no one is going to give you a free ride,  or watch your kids for free. So where do you begin ?  Poetic  Intro: I want a 8900 square foot house […]

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Violence and Abuse

Hi all, am I the only one that has noticed  the shift in our society, and levels of acceptability? WTH? Let’s just put it all out there…We have victims  of sexual assault silently  suffering with internal pain because they don’t want to be harshly judged…or go through moments of exclusion. I have news for  ya…you […]

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The Grass is Greener…

 Hi all… fun stuff from collective  conversations at different  events lead to this collaboration of expression of defining better. Poetic Intro: I’ve found something better in my life it’s true. It’s a sense  of righteousness that had lead me to see a better red, blue, a brighter green, and all colors in between. Love encourages […]

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Breaking All the Rules

Hi all, life has a way of getting your attention…especially when you have one plan or expectation…and it turns out to be something  different.  Where are the loyal and honest friends? I’m going to need you to tell your friends the truth. Poetic Intro: I’m going to need you to talk to me…talk to me….but […]

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99 Shades of Insecurities 

Hi all, I thought I would share an experience  that I put into poetic terms. I tried to support a woman in business…who had the opportunity to make thousands…but she let her insecurites got in the way. Intro:  Why do they do that ? You know…the projectile  vomiting  of argumentive truths, and premetitative  harm…when you […]

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It’s  Complicated 

Mellow baby with your shoes  on tight… what are we doing tonight?  Intellectually stimulating, you are… sexy built…with eyes that glem of light. We are out near dark like children unapologetically  walking through the park with major sparks of bottled “like”…I knew we would fall in love. Your maze runs deep through complicated  turns even […]

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