How to Slay a Bitch

Placeholder ImageRelationships are challenging, and everyone seem to have “game”. It is either a one-sided philosophy on why you should allow them to do the things they want to do; and ask no questions…or they simply don’t know what they want…or should I say; “who” they want.

With all of this being makes dating more interesting, but this doesn’t mean you have to stay and entertain the games, or the play by play series of their philosophy, and guidelines. You can stay, or you can SLAY.

Get your shit together. If you don’t like your lifestyle-change it. A change in style, and temporary change in environment is good for the soul. When you look good; chances are you will feel good as well.

Take a trip. There is nothing like leaving a busy city, and exploring a smaller town with a homey ambiance. Travel can be relaxing and helpful in getting you refocused on what’s most important to you.

Focus on yourself. Was there something you always wanted to do? You should do it. Get educated. This does not just include a college degree, but through daily knowledge on things that affect you, your career, and finances.

If your weight or your balding head was a concern in your relationship… own it! Love yourself, and I do mean…all of you. Loving yourself, and all of your flaws allow you to slay.

Once you turn your focus to yourself, and remove your concern from others you will soar. YOU SLAY, and it shows…in your walk, your confidence, your appearance, and your finances.

With all being said…there  are more than 50 ways to slay a bitch!  Let’s chat again soon:Relationships in 2017

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