Not Coffee

Sip the flavor of my lips and marvel in the energy of a simple kiss. This flavor you introduced me to on one beautiful Saturday morning …has me swimming in the protective state of your masculinity.
Hello good lookin…for your sexy  smile  still cast shadows in the window of my heart…as you roll out the symphony of music to my ears called lies.

Your caressing palms grow weary of  the absence of my touch over time, so you  called to pull me back into  the coffee shop to fill this empty space for you.

The bold confidence in your walk, mislead me to believe that you were the next leading brand…so I followed you.
Where are we going love ? Wherever, you want to go…you replied.
The bank should have  your name on it…for you’ve spent every coin on me from sunrise to set. I have the latest, and feel the greatest ; not because of your dollars…because of this thing called love. It’s not’s …No Strings Attached



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