No Strings Attached

Hi all, on this cozy Wednesday night… I had a conversation with one of my texters, who I describe as a person I normally text daily… but haven’t seen in years. The topic of course was relationship related; but more specifically related to modern dating.

Poetic Intro:

Walking down the narrow-paved road to your erotic destiny. I see glimpses of your identity. Can you hear the brass drum speak?  I can..while you procrastinate to reach your veracity by 10:00pm before it all began…Should you unmute your phone, and speak?

Let’s chat about modern relationships. If you are not sure you are in a modern relationship… let me help you. Modern relationships have no title, and are described as open relationships, friends with benefits, married and dating, casual sex, and associates with no strings attached.

This in my opinion, would make it a bit harder to really get to know someone.  Therefore, it would not be important to share your deepest feelings or personal information with someone you’re only casually engaging with part-time.

Here’s the bitch you need to slay:( Casual Sex ) You want a real relationship

If you are looking for a connection that is going to last…here are three things that need to happen:

  1. Communication

Communicate what you seeking in the connection.  If the response is: “We are just having fun…You are just having fun… and you shouldn’t waste your time trying to change his/her mind … it’s not going to happen… “they just want to have fun”.

  1. Verbal Agreement

You both decide not to date anyone else. If you have agreed to have something solid, and it is not maturing past sex after a couple of months, and you still don’t know this guy’s middle name, favorite food, or where he work, and live…. Walk away.

  1. You Share the Same Vision

Your goals are aligned, and you are both working toward favorable outcomes, and you have discussed a future together.

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What are your thoughts?



14 thoughts on “No Strings Attached

  1. I’m not sure the casual hook ups and no strings attached are new, or modern. Both have been around as long people have had sex. What is new, though, is the whole social media thing. Hooking up is easier now, and I’d have loved to have had Tinder, etc when I was young and “dating”. Simply for ease and sheer volume numbers. But I can’t say I think it’s made anything else “better”. Frankly, I’m glad I’m not on the market at this point. All very impersonal it seems.

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    1. Thanks for your response : )
      Casual sex is not new…however, the acceptance of it all is…it is becoming the norm. Social media , in my an instrument for the process. You say: you wish Tinder was around when you were young…how would this have changed things for you ?

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      1. Well, as a young guy, who was adamantly single, and didn’t want to be attached, it would’ve allowed greater ease in meeting needs. I never really was looking for long-term. That is, until I met the woman that would become my wife. She swept me off my feet. I resisted, but I couldn’t deny my feelings. Been together 25 years now. I’m still the same loner I always was at heart, but I can’t imagine life without her or our family now. Things have a way going totally different directions than planned. 😃

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  2. The concept of transactional relationships provide people with a sense of belonging I think. People don’t want to be alone, but they don’t want to be committed either. Great post that explores the concept, and highlights the need for both people to be on the same page! FWB is a concept that can be exciting and fun, no fun when one person think/hopes for more. Well done 🙂


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