6 Tips for Online Dating


Hi all, there’s a new online dating site.  It’s called “The League”. My first impression is this is a no nonsense site( I like it ) ….upon initial sign up… you are reminded that there are no games, fakes, or noise… just to name a few clear messages.  I also figured out that you must login into Facebook…which is smart unless you create a dummy account.  With all this being said, I like the fact that the dating site seems to clear the BS, and suggest options for people who are sincerely looking for authentic relationships online. No one wants to get “catfished”.(Catfish is a term utilized to symbol an experience online in which a person sets up a fake account and pretends to be someone they are not.  They conceal their identity which may include a difference in age, sex, or occupation… while luring the other person in online emotionally. .. with no intention of telling the truth)

Poetic Intro:

You are physically the epiphany  of everything I could ever image in a dream. We walk together daily, yet our eyes have never directly seen the depth of your intentions.  You want to escape, what doesn’t make your life great, and decide to play, and betray. Your senseless game, you should be ashamed of  the dead road fame.  Karma will be your queen… I will not stand in-between  you, and your destiny. However, you’ve wasted time, you can  not regain, playing a childish game.

There are a number of ways to safeguard yourself from foolishness when dating online. Here are a couple of helpful tips that can save you time, when you are really looking for a partner, or a good friend.

  1. Listen:  Spend more time listening, to absorb what is being said to you.  A person who has just moved to a new area, and has no family there…would not have the opportunity to stop by his/her cousins house during the week.
  2. View:  If you are dating someone online, and you have talked for months, it should not be a problem for you to Skype or Facetime. Why wouldn’t you ?
  3. Verify the Connection:  Are you connected to their social life on another site ? You may not be on each others Facebook initially;which is fine, however, most people have more than one social media spot.  I guess the question is…. have you confirmed that this person is real, by searching for other legitimate connections that would prove their existence ?
  4. Verify Identity: Instant Checkmate is an exceptional dating tool. After all,no one wants to date someone who is pretending to be single.
  5. M.I.A. : When you are developing a relationship with someone, and they have a tendency to go M.I.A. (Missing In Action)… that would be worthy of a Hmm? (What’s going on here )
  6. Communicate: Explain what you are looking for on the site.  Everyone is not looking for the same thing.  Be clear… if you are on two different pages…  you’ve made a friend…. now move on…

(The bitch that needs to be slayed:wasting your time)

Dating can be exciting, and a great experience.  Why do you think people play games when it comes to dating? Is Karma real ? Have you ever been catfished ? Explore your  dating options. Relationships in 2017


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