How  Many Frogs Do  You Kiss  Before Finding Your Prince or Princess?

Hi all, it’s been a moment…so let’s get caught up. Let’s chat about relationship options.     Well guys you do this all the time, and there is no mention of it.  I’m guilty  of doing  the same from time to time.  That’s right….I’m talking about dating more than one person at the same time.

    Why do we date multiple people at the same time ? Is it because we don’t know what we want ? Is it because we don’t want to get seriously attached to one person ? Is it because we were hurt in a previous relationship, and we always want to have a backup  plan ?
    Research  has indicated that it means you  simply are unavailable  emotionally.
Hmmm, I  guess I can agree with  that.  Unfortunately,  we can’t take the personality from one person, and the class and etiquette  from another, and switch body parts for the ideal mate. LOL. That’s asking for too much.
So, what do you do ?

1. Practice Honesty
Honesty  can turn a casual relationship  into a life long friendship.  Honesty  also keeps things in order. All parties know exactly where  they stand.
2 What’s the Benefit
Every relationship  should have a benefit that stretches beyond sexual gratification. Is there  a benefit to grow or learn?  Time is not refundable.
3.  Know the Exit Date
All casual relationships should evolve  to a solid friendship, a solid relationship, or expire. Lingering  casual relationship  can turn into a lost of years,  and time.
Which brings me to the next question.  What’s your expiration  date on a casual dating relationship?


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