It’s  Complicated 

Mellow baby with your shoes  on tight… what are we doing tonight?  Intellectually stimulating, you are… sexy built…with eyes that glem of light. We are out near dark like children unapologetically  walking through the park with major sparks of bottled “like”…I knew we would fall in love.

Your maze runs deep through complicated  turns even when the answer is simple…you make it complicated…thats a major  concern.

But when it’s real…its real…or is it ?

Why is complicated listed as a check box for relationships? Either you are in a relationship  or you’re  not. What describes this title ? Who started this gray area between the regular black or white of things ?

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Say Something- If you are in a complicated situation  for more than a year…you are in trouble.  If you blink  your eyes twice..that year will turn into 2, 3, or more. 

A year is more than enough time to figure it out.

2. If only  one  person is making the rules…your relationship is already one-sided. Its not complicated…you have been hijacked, and you don’t even know it.

3. Grown people make grown decisions. Unless you are dating Peter Pan…you should have defined your relationship within 6 months.

It’s not complicated…its not defined.


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