Message from the Lioness

Hi all, it’s been a moment..

and I have a minute to share…so let’s get started…the ignitment  of excitement  exhumed from your  every limb. I’ve watched you bloom into this beautiful ball of fire. You re  too hot to touch…Smoking… Just leave the light on for me to enjoy this radiance I want to encounter.
You try to hide your ashes, but I see them. Yes, there lies the smoking signs that you’ve experienced  an event or two that  has tested your fuse. Its okay you don’t have tho hide.
I can see it…the pain caused by another  dame has you twisted…but it’s not me…
Your eyes dance at the site of my entrance…I can sense your intense level of anticipation. You look deep, deeper, and pass the gate of my soul…what do you see…its not me.
Hoster your previous pain from a relationship with no gain, and continue to play with fire if you chose to lose.
Head hung low, and shoulders down…dragging your tail behind you… because you’re still trying to find your flow.
Hold your head up and roar goodbye  to your past, and be free to enter a relationship  that just might  last with me.
Question: what’s it like to date someone that has been misued in a previous relationship?
How long should you wait to date  again after a bad relationship ? When do you  say “Get your shit together or I’m out”?


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