99 Shades of Insecurities 

Hi all, I thought I would share an experience  that I put into poetic terms. I tried to support a woman in business…who had the opportunity to make thousands…but she let her insecurites got in the way.
Intro:  Why do they do that ? You know…the projectile  vomiting  of argumentive truths, and premetitative  harm…when you fear competition, and can clearly see the charm. You’ve looked me up, and stared me down, and  now you’ve come to take  me down. Take ? what was not given to You.. but earned by ME.
I try to support your businesses…given you one strike, two strike..you will never see three…this is sounding like  rap…but I’m being true to me.
 You are a manipulative  fool of heartbreak, abandonment and despair.  It even bothers you that I have curly hair.  

I’m at the gym on a weekly bases, I did not wake up like  this…I exercise and strategize  what’s best for me. No mess, no drama…I aim for stress free…
You’re  bitter, and angry because you’re  not who you want to be…you could not  survive a walk in my shoes, but you try to  criticize(shade) me…then next  week you’re  wearing shoes like me.
It’s confidence not conceit that you see.  Go ahead, and  walk, talk, and mimic me.

I am not your competition; although I compete.
I’m here for a reason…one you can’t defeat. Research your  documents, bring the  data to me …. I’m not afraid of the truth…Ive embraced the  “real me “.   I know who I am, was, and who I am  now…more powerful,  more educated,  more surrounded by light …yet you can’t  see the truth. ..you’d rather fight.  I can see clearly who I will be. Continue  to throw your jabs  and I’ll  show you defeat.
Wait, let me stop, and  sip  my mocha…while I give you tea. There will never be another…quite like me.

The twisted  pathway has narrowed, and the fog  is thick for you.  You’ve  ruin what could have been best for You- now enjoy the less,  and your mess.
You prolonged a path that was short and clear  by  choosing the wrong method, wrong people, wrong reason, wrong  voice, and wrong gear.
Now  you’ve  got it. How does it feel..to know.. you’ve let down your guard, and have there is nothing there.. no where to go ? I’m humble… be humble…I’m just me..the consumer who chose to do business with you..now I’ll set you free. You chose to smile and manipulate,  and I’ve chosen to research  and seal your fate. I will get what I want…just not with you. Good riddens, be gone, bye girl…its true…you can never be successful playing dirty, and giving half truths.

(Love this show btw…its blunt and direct)

Have you ever encountered an insecure person you originally liked ?  How did that relationship work out?   Do you ask others about someone you’ve just met or make your own judgements?
Why hate ? Chat back!


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