Breaking All the Rules

Hi all, life has a way of getting your attention…especially when you have one plan or expectation…and it turns out to be something  different.  Where are the loyal and honest friends? I’m going to need you to tell your friends the truth.

Poetic Intro:
I’m going to need you to talk to me…talk to me….but don’t tell me lies…I want you to know that you are blind and unawaken by the right time…in this life. Right! Wrong…knowledge is power, and lies are placing your emotions  on a treadmill,  and waiting for the microwave to beep.
You are being used,  but you’re too silly to  see…you think it’s about you…but it’s really about me.
If I say that I love you first I lose, and if I admit to having feelings…you’ll run all over me…said your voice of fear, but what about us? What  about the now? What do you have to lose ?
We see this bold completion of you…by your side, but you’d  rather  have one cake, two cakes, and three on the side. While everyone else is on floor doing the electric slide.
While  you’re  playing games – another from a different mother has stated what you’re afraid to say. Done  what your friends would  have called lame, and proposed  when you couldn’t  remember  if you  felt  the same.
Games lead to separation of the truth, and reality.  Games at youth were to intellectually,  and physically  occupy your time.
Adult games  occupy your  mind, and insure you will  be left behind. You see youth  is not a long term certification  of time.
You can be young  at heart, and mind. However, you will  wake up and realize no one has time..for the old, but  young at mind when you’re  physically out of time.
Real love does not change over night. It doesn’t taste like steak on Monday, and turn into frozen dinners on Sunday. It’s  there, and everywhere…you simply can’t hide or divide, shame or change what’s real. It must be difficult to celebrate  and coordinate  the holidays running through unemotional  thrills.

Question: Why are there so many adults playing childish  games ? Is it okay to have a main chick, and two other women? Why get married if you’re not interested in putting in the work? 


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