The Grass is Greener…

 Hi all… fun stuff from collective  conversations at different  events lead to this collaboration of expression of defining better.

Poetic Intro:
I’ve found something better in my life it’s true. It’s a sense  of righteousness that had lead me to see a better red, blue, a brighter green, and all colors in between.
Love encourages the hidden romantic to step into the light, and orchestrate his best performance whether seen or out of sight.
The Right One will  make you realize what’s most important…or what you’ve missed.   The worse  one will help you determine it was a hit or miss…but you quickly realize there are no short  cuts  to love.
You don’t want to be hurt again? Pain can come from love or hate. It’s not what you look for in a date.
So who’s putting on a real face, telling the absolute truth,  and not entertaining lies?
There are quality people here…they still exist…they are still alive…and open to hit or miss…
The Grass is Greener on the other side  when you’ve  found real love, real reasons,  and true seasons to vibe.
Do you want to share the good news with  all around you? You are  the happiest  you  have  been in a moment…but you are afraid it won’t last…too sad…you have no faith.
Expression of expectation can bring you joy.
Living with, singing with, and vibing with your equal…can insure your time is spent   Trust, and truth can build a foundation, and being honest with yourself can  inspire  other creations.
Things are greater  when you can share your love.
Are you walking these grounds searching for the real you? Have you embraced  what everyone  else already knows? Are you running  from love…why?


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