Violence and Abuse

Hi all, am I the only one that has noticed  the shift in our society, and levels of acceptability?

WTH? Let’s just put it all out there…We have victims  of sexual assault silently  suffering with internal pain because they don’t want to be harshly judged…or go through moments of exclusion. I have news for  ya…you Will! Society will judge you, and say that you’re  lieing, or it was your fault. It may not help if it happened within your family because you will be labeled the “black sheep”, and others will simply add to the lies, and make the situation worse. The  walking trash  in this world will try to use your pain against you…but know this. You are strong, you are a survivor,  and you are not alone. 

Now, that we’ve visited  the ugly side of it all…know this: Words are powerful.  You must release the pain. No one deserves to walk this earth holding on to something that wasn’t their fault. Who  cares what others will think!  Are gossipers paying your bills? If you’ve answered No…free yourself from the pain, and speak your truth. You are not alone. Stand with confidence, and speak your truth. 

Domestic violence is not okay.  This includes woman hitting men,and men allowing women to beat them by throwing objects, and flying fist. I have news for you.  That’s not love. If she’s hit you violently, scratched  you, belittled you, and speaks poorly about you to others…find the strength  to walk  away.

Sexual assault is not okay. It’s not funny, it’s not entertainment, and you should not just walk away from it. You should report it. Because the moment you walk away, it will  happen to another victim  on another day. Women should not be inappropriately  touched,  Men should not be inappropriately  touched, and no  one should  be forced to participate in nonconcenting acts of sex. It is wrong. Rape is wrong.

Verbal abuse, and bullying is killing out youth. When a teacher sees it and does nothing to improve the situation…you should include yourself in the process. I’ve said it. You too are part of the problem. Do something.

Bullying in the classroom, on the job, while driving…I think you call this road rage…its all wrong. It’s not acceptable,  and it all leads to violence.

Look deeper. Relationship  norms  include three to four people. Not yours? Look deeper. Even my nerdiest  friend has a wife and a side chick. Why? Because it is becoming acceptable, and women and men are looking the other way to maintain financial stability.  That doesn’t make it right. Is this going to cause problems later ? You bet!

Verbal abuse is not cute. I remember passing a beautiful  family in a restaurant, and hearing who appeared to be the husband…tell his family to basically sit down, and shut the F#@k up. The children looked frightened, and we’re sitting up stiff like soldiers. I remember  thinking what a terrible case of blindness. Because the abuser  could not see how beautiful his family was on the outside, and the damage he was causing on the inside.  This  should never happen.

There is no need to be silent about anything. Words are powerful. Speak your truth. Plan to leave an abusive situation if you must…but do it. Do it for yourself, your kids, and your life. 

If you are part of the problem, and you’re reading this…seek help. You deserve to be happy  too. Free yourself from alcohol, drug abuse or/and childhood abuse. Take the first step, by finding a center or program  that can help.

I’m so proud of the many women, and men who have  began the healing process by telling their stories, writing blogs, and writing books. There comes a time in your life when you have to stand up for yourself,  speak up for yourself,  and take care  of yourself….by doing what’s best for yourself.

Poetic Reasoning:

There’s a monster  in my house,  and I can’t get em out. He’s abusive, he’s  mean,  and he blocks the light next to the ceiling beam. I want to be a nurse, and help those in need,  but I cant  leave the house…he has taken my keys.

On Monday he’s red, and have destroyed  the flowers, my vases, and the bookshelf cases. On Tuesday,  and Wednesday  he’s unpredictable.  Hes angry, and sad.He has gone to work, and drove  home, and the traffic made em  mad. On Thursday,  and Friday…. I’m not sure if he will show…he tends to go where ever the wind blows. But on Saturday…I had enough, and set the  monster free. I became  a Beast, and invested in me. On Sunday  I planned and secured the locks, and put his belonging on the lawn in a box. 

Be free, be beautiful. Be strong. Questions: what were the pivoting points in your life that demanded change? Do you believe  that your words help others? Silence is not an option for anything. Chat  back.




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