How to Get Ahead

Hi all, sometimes it’s very difficult  to get ahead when there are so many things going wrong. Big dreams sometimes require a big budget…and no one is going to give you a free ride,  or watch your kids for free. So where do you begin ?

 Poetic  Intro:
I want a 8900 square foot house with marble floors, and a staircase  that  will drop your bottom lip! I want the entrance to bloom with pink roses, and the foyer to sparkle like diamonds. I want…I want…I want..
My guy  wants a Cadillac  with  plush leather seats, and a closet full of clothes, like Polo, Gucci, and Versace  around his neck,  and on his feet.  We want…we want…we want..

     Now that you have a visual image where do you start when everything  is going wrong ?
Start at the beginning.  Put  it on paper. Post it,  so that you can see it everyday. Make a serious analysis. Are you physically, mentally, and financially able  to take a small step toward  your goal ? Stop talking about it, and do something.
What’s a small step?  A small step could include writing a business plan, taking certification courses, networking, saving  money  for your demo, or working a second job for a down payment on a house or car.
Whatever,  it is….you should be working toward something if you have big dreams.  It’s not going to fall into your lap. It’s not going to be easy, and the haters  have not began to try  to give you grief for attempting  to leave them behind.
So, get moving! Expect your real  friends to show up or your  real haters you thought  were your friends…to reveal themselves. Did someone say life was a journey? Hmmmm…
Let me know what you  think about  what I’ve  said so far. 

Are you ready to believe in yourself regardless of what others say ? Can your relationship  last if only one of you are reaching to obtain your goal?
 Do you know  people with big dreams that  are not willing to work for them? Do you see such talent in others, but they are so concerned about what their friends think, and say ?  Do you know of any good looking men or women who think their looks  are going to carry them through life?  Do you know any ugly people with ugly ways ? Chat back


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