How to be Productive 

It’s Friday! Whooo hoooo ! It’s the weekend  baby! So what exactly does  that mean to you?  

Are you going  bar hoping? Are you going  out to eat with friends? Are you going to the movies?  All are great plans.
    Then there is Sunday, which is next to   Monday…that starts  the week off again. I can tell you that if you’re  not excited about what  Monday brings…you probably don’t like your job, and  statistics state that  you  are not as productive as someone who love their job.  If you can’t  wait till Monday…you probably love your job, and you’re  pretty  good at it. So where am I going with this? 
I’ll tell you. I read a post online in which someone stated  that they were  sitting in their car crying  during lunch because  they didn’t want  to go back to  work  because they hated their job. My heart stopped.

Time management, organization, and persistence is the crossroad  to productivity,  and change.
If this is your  first time on  my blog…I usually give a poetic summary…that’s metaphoric.  You may interpret  the meaning  totally different  from the next person…which is cool.  It’s all about sharing thoughts.
Poetic Intro:
There is a sense of urgency that drives  my day. I have to do laundry, pick up the  kids, and work to get  paid. I can’t stop the day because  it never ends. Did you see the  beautiful  purple tulips near the curve on the end?
I have this  red elephant on my back. It has a nasty mouth, and it’s always on the attack.
My job is demanding, and I hate my boss. We just received more duties with pay…at the same cost.
Well, reach if you dare for something new, and set your priorities  on you if  you care about your dreams, your community, the cost of air. Small adjustments  can make a difference  if you believe…you deserve better than  leaving work feeling stressed,  depressed, and  unseen.
Organization can change your  life, and reduce some things you’d normally do twice. Guided productivity is the key; to enjoy life, your position, your time…and it’s free.

Let’s look at organization. It sounds so easy  right? Then why are most of us not utilizing the benefits.
1. Closet organization- hmmm, I bet this could save a lot of us time. From simple planning like a color coordinated closet to your entire day… this can keep you on a productive schedule, and reduce stress.
2. Budget- Most banks offer a monthly spending guide which shows your regular spending  habits. Are you on or off schedule. Get it together. Put those extra snacks down…me included. LOL
3.Focus on short term goals- If you’re trying to find another job…are you  applying to ten jobs a day? Are you talking to friends, and acquaintances  about their companies? Are you lining up interviews on the same day?
4. Time management – Are you watching tv or studying for  certification ? Are you hanging out with  friends that are reminding you..
Oops, your Facebook  anniversary stated that you were saying the same thing,  and doing the same thing…three years ago. Hmmmm

5. Get a mirror- If your friends are not reflecting progress, why on earth are spending so much time with them ? Surround yourself with people who are moving forward, or move forward alone.

I can tell you all of these  things because  I modified my behavior by spending less time on entertainment, and more time on productivity…and it made a huge difference.  Don’t get me wrong,  I will still watch an episode  of reality  tv, but you can be assured  that it was  after a productive day.

Let me know how you  feel about the article.  Do you agree? Do you disagree…why? Chat back


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