Superficial Hi all, When is it  ever a good time to lose yourself in a relationship ? Ah, NEVER !  The reason its never okay is partly because the term “relationship” has varied, and is continuing  to evolve to describe  adult experiences, and interactions.      Meeting your  partner half way on likes, and dislikes doesn’t  […]

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6 Tips for Online Dating

Hi all, there’s a new online dating site.  It’s called “The League”. My first impression is this is a no nonsense site( I like it ) ….upon initial sign up… you are reminded that there are no games, fakes, or noise… just to name a few clear messages.  I also figured out that you must […]

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Who’s to Blame

Hi all, on this cozy Tuesday night.  I had an interesting conversation with my mom about an incident that caused a woman who in this case was considered the wife…. to pursue the “other woman” that came between her relationship with her husband.   We both agreed that the “other woman” should have not been seeing […]

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No Strings Attached

Hi all, on this cozy Wednesday night… I had a conversation with one of my texters, who I describe as a person I normally text daily… but haven’t seen in years. The topic of course was relationship related; but more specifically related to modern dating. Poetic Intro: Walking down the narrow-paved road to your erotic […]

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Not Coffee

Sip the flavor of my lips and marvel in the energy of a simple kiss. This flavor you introduced me to on one beautiful Saturday morning …has me swimming in the protective state of your masculinity. Hello good lookin…for your sexy  smile  still cast shadows in the window of my heart…as you roll out the […]

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